Residential Council

The Residential Council’s mission is to share best practices, lessons learnt and innovative solutions from a diverse group passionate about the creation, expansion and retention of high quality housing that is affordable for all and fits their living needs in our European cities as a key success factor for vibrant, dynamic and economically successful cities.

It captures the views of both ULI members and experts in the field on all types of affordable residential property across Europe and looks to share ideas and experiences from around the world to help provide insights into best practice in “housing well”.

The council plans to explore the following interest areas:

  • Development and preservation of high quality affordable housing
  • Housing affordability as a key success factor for keeping cities competitive
  • Low income, skillful workforce and mixed income housing availability
  • Sharing international and European best practices for housing affordability
  • Tax credits and other public sources of capital and subsidies
  • Private market investment initiatives, debt and subsidy sources
  • For profit and non-profit development structures
  • Exploring and embracing effective densification and innovative housing solutions
  • Housing design to follow the principles of good density
  • Role of modern methods of housing construction (off-site manufacturing)
  • Influencing public housing policy to promote affordable housing development
  • Avoiding the build-up of asymmetric risks and address affordability from a long term perspective

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Latest Council Day Agenda

Council Chairs

Nick Jopling

Xavier Jongen
Head of Residential Funds, Catella