Urban Regeneration Council

Indicative Council Day PhotographyCities exist in a competitive global market place vying for investment against established world cities across Europe and the United States as well as the rapidly urbanising emerging markets in Asia, South America and Africa.

There is a pressing need to make Europe’s cities more competitive, resilient and sustainable and this challenge is at the heart of the urban regeneration process.  However, the successful reuse of brownfield land and the reinvention of redundant or forgotten parts of a city, is a highly complex process and requires insight and cooperation from a diverse range of disciplines.

ULI’s Urban Regeneration Council fosters stronger interaction between city governments, real estate developers and practitioners and major institutional investors. It looks to share ideas and experiences from around the world to help provide insights into best practice in city development and urban regeneration.

Latest Council Day Agenda

Council Chairs

Hugh Lumby
Ashurst LLP

Ian Mulcahey
Managing Director