ULI Poland: UrbanPlan Pilot

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May 10, 2017
American School of Warsaw
Warsaw, Poland

Following the successful adaptation of the Urban Plan program in UK, Ireland and Germany, ULI is ready to launch the Urban Plan program in Poland. The Pilot Urban Plan workshop in Poland will take place on 10 May this year at the American School of Warsaw.

Urban Plan is an exciting education initiative involving real estate professionals that teaches high school students about cities and the development process through a series of interactive workshops and team challenges. The program has proven to be very popular since its inception in the U.S. over ten years ago, and it has reached more than 27,000 students.

It is designed to enrich the curriculum, develop links between schools and property industry, promote education and careers in real estate and create more informed citizens who better understand the communities in which they live.

Students are grouped into 4- to 5- person teams to form property companies responding to a call for proposals from a fictional local council to regenerate a blighted site in a hypothetical town. The teams must reconcile the often competing market and non-market forces and stakeholders to create a well-designed, market responsive, and sustainable project.

Funding for Urban Plan in Poland has been generously provided by Echo Investment as the Main Partner and by Tacit Investment, Coimpex and Vastint Poland as Partners.

For more information on UrbaPlan in Poland please contact Malgorzata via email Malgorzata.Poreba-ctr@uli.org.