ULI Poland Places+Spaces: THE ART OF FOOD HALLS – What makes a food hall a successful destination and attractive investment product?


2022-11-29T17:00:00 - 2022-11-29T21:00:00

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    KinoGram at Fabryka Norblina Will open in a new window Żelazna 51/53 Warszawa 00-841 POLAND


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    THE ART OF FOOD HALLS - What makes a food hall a successful destination and attractive investment product?

    We will raise some interesting questions and issues, starting with what exactly is a food hall?  What makes it unique? How do you create a space where people want to hang out? What is the best business model to follow to create a successful business? What are the key issues to consider? Design, food concepts, entertainment? How big should it be?

    How did Warsaw become the European epicenter of modern Food Hall Innovation? Which European food halls became the inspiration for those in Warsaw? Are Warsaw's food halls in danger of also suffering sameness like food courts in shopping centers?

    JOHN GABROVIC, Founder and Managing Director of Inspire Real Estate Advisory, will do an introductory presentation on the evolution of food halls with a focus on Poland. How did Warsaw become the epicenter of food hall evolution in Europe? He will share some useful facts, stories, and learning from Warsaw’s iconic food halls.

    RAFAŁ PRZYBYŁ, Regional Manager at Vastint Poland will focus on Stara Rzeznia in Poznań, another example of a new mixed-use center with food hall being its highlight. He will present its location, historical context, new program and how the food hall fits into the desire to create a new “Community Hub” for Poznan. 

    HUBERT OLEKSIAK, Leasing Manager at Nhood Polska will present an innovative design for the gastro areas of Wilanów Park.

    Presentations will be followed by the expert panel moderated by JOHN GABROVIC and joined also by BARBARA WÓJCIK of Globalworth Poland who will share her experience on Hala Koszyki, DARIUSZ DOMAŃSKI of White Star Real Estate, one of the people standing behind the success of Elektrownia Powisle, and MICHAEL MOTZ of Varsovia Food Company (Food Town in Warsaw & Stacja Food Hall in Gdańsk) representing Norblin Factory.






    KinoGram at Fabryka Norblina Żelazna 51/53 POLAND

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    John Gabrovic

    Founder/Managing Director, Inspire Real Estate Advisory

    John Gabrovic is a pioneer of Poland’s restaurant and leisure scene having been a Founding Partner in Atomic Entertainment Group, responsible for iconic projects such as: Ground Zero night clubs, Blue Cactus and Boathouse restaurants in Warsaw, Café Sukiennice in Krakow, and the Atomic World Bowling complexes in Krakow, Wroclaw and Warsaw. John also founded a chain of Mediterranean bistros in Orlando, Florida. During the 2010’s working with White Star Real Estate, John was the Asset Manager for Galeria Sloneczna in Radom and he supported the strategy and leasing efforts for the food & beverage areas of Elektrownia Powisle, including the food hall. Seeing the Food Hall trend and the opportunity to combine his real estate and restaurant experience, he returned to his entrepreneurial roots to nurture the CEE food hall industry having opened the Stacja Food Hall in Gdansk in 2019. His Inspire Real Estate Advisory group now supports the International Real Estate industry having consulted on over 10 Community Hub projects in retail and mixed-use projects around the CEE, all featuring Food Halls. His fund Inspire Restaurant Brands SA owns food hall restaurant brands Maricruz (burritos) and Big Dog (burger + chicken) and he recently re-launched the Blue Cactus restaurant brand in Elektrownia Powisle and Fabryka Norblin.


    Michael Motz

    Founder, Varsovia Food Company

    Michael Motz is an entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience. He started his career as a Project Manager. In the following years, he focused on creating unique food hall concepts in Europe that respond to one of the most important needs of today - spending valuable time together. He is the owner of Food Hall Station in Gdansk and the largest food hall in Poland - Food Town in Norblin Factory.


    Dariusz Domanski

    Managing Partner, White Star Real Estate

    During his 15-years in real estate market, he has worked in the design, development and commercialization of residential, office, retail and mixed-use projects. In White Star Real Estate he is responsible for development and commercialization of the company’s landmark real estate investments, including flagship project Elektrownia Powiśle. In 2011, he launched a company that specializes in the trade and distribution of electricity to large commercial projects. Currently in White Star Real Estate he is responsible for mixed-use and residential developments.


    Rafal Przybyl

    Regional Manager – Poznan, Vastint Poland SP. Z.o.o.

    Rafał Przybył is the Regional Manager of Vastint Poland, a development company forming part of the Vastint Group, an international organization operating on the European real estate market. He has been representing the company's interests on the Poznań market for 10 years. Rafał is a graduate of Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina in the USA and the Poznań University of Economics. Has 30 years of experience in project management as well as 20 years of experience in the development and construction industry. Before taking up his current position, he worked in several companies, including development and investment, holding the positions of Managing Director and Project Director.


    Barbara Wojcik

    Asset Management and Leasing Director – Retail , Globalworth Poland

    Passionate Retail Asset Management and Leasing Director of mixed-use projects in Globalworth portfolio in Poland, with more than 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Gained strong professional background working for international companies with majority of tasks devoted to shopping centres management, development, re-development and marketing. Currently responsible for asset management and leasing strategy of mixed-use projects under advanced redevelopment – Renoma Wrocław and Supersam Katowice – as well as Warsaw top food hall destination – Hala Koszyki. Strongly believes in the power of “togetherness” when it comes to Tenants – Landlord relations. Despite long professional history takes every day as a new inspiration. Graduated from Wrocław University and Wrocław School of Banking.


    Hubert Oleksiak

    Leasing Manager, Nhood Services Poland Sp. z o.o.

    Present on the real estate market for almost 10 years, he has worked for several major developers on the Polish market. On behalf of his employers he has developed scenarios, analysed locations, and implemented leasing strategies of various commercial real estate projects including shopping centres, retail parks, high street, office and mixed use projects. Currently working for Nhood Poland, among other duties, he is responsible for the leasing and development of upcoming projects, one of which is Wilanów Park.