2021 ULI Europe Conference



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    Early Pricing Until January 15 Members Non-Members
    Private €299.00 N/A
    Public/Academic/Nonprofit £59.00 N/A
    Under Age 35 €63.00 N/A
    Under Age 35 €119.00 N/A
    Student £75.00 N/A
    Retired €119.00 N/A
    Public/Academic/Nonprofit €63.00 N/A
    Under Age 35 £59.00 N/A
    Private €299.00 N/A
    Public/Academic/Nonprofit €119.00 N/A
    Standard Pricing Until February 10
    Public/Academic/Nonprofit €119.00 N/A
    Public/Academic/Nonprofit €130.00 N/A
    Private €66.00 N/A
    Retired €130.00 N/A
    Student €80.00 N/A
    Student €75.00 N/A
    Private €329.00 N/A
    Under Age 35 €130.00 N/A
    Under Age 35 €119.00 N/A
    Private £68.00 N/A
    Private €101.00 N/A
    Student €79.00 N/A
    Public/Academic/Nonprofit €83.00 N/A
    The 2021 ULI Virtual Europe Conference offers attendees unparalleled opportunities to engage with cutting-edge content and world-class speakers, observe valuable lessons learned from across the globe, and to connect one-on-one with real estate industry leaders. Join us 8-10 February for an event unlike any other.
    Chat with colleagues and use enhanced profile search features through our state-of-the-art online networking platform.
    Engage in extended live Q&A sessions and intimate small group discussions on the forces shaping our industry.
    Hear from world-renowned industry leaders on topics ranging from finance and technology to sustainability and COVID-19 impacts.
    Enjoy the content you need, when you need it. Attendees will have access to recordings of all concurrent sessions and virtual tours, as well as most general sessions.