ULI Europe Office & Mixed-Use Product Council Day 2: The Future of Offices Post Pandemic: Occupier Trends and Capital Markets


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
2:00pm - 3:30pm

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    Online This webinar will be hosted by Zoom. UNITED KINGDOM
    The Future of Offices Post Pandemic: Occupier Trends and Capital Markets
    14:00   Introduction by Council Chairs
    Jeppe de Boer, Founding Partner, Masterdam
    Nic Fox, Partner, Fund Manager, Europa Capital
    14:10   Presentations
    David Hutchings, International Partner, Cushman & Wakefield
    Despina Katsikakis, Head of Occupier Business Performance, Cushman & Wakefield
    Bernd Stahli, CEO, NSI N.V 
    14:40   Discussion
    We have debated before whether working practices and technology are pushing us relentlessly towards flexible/home-working, but now there is a brand new and powerful consideration that none of us can control.
    • Is this the death-knell for office-based employment?
    • Have we not just proven that we can all work successfully from remote locations?
    • Or is there a need for community and face-face communication?
    • What about that spontaneous lunch with colleagues, or that after-work beer?
    • Will the demand for flex offices increase or will occupiers be put off by mingling with unknown third parties?
    • Would remote working change the nature of business relationships, and the concept of colleagues?
    • If we decide we need a base, can it be smaller (less costly) or does it need to be able to accommodate all employees from time to time?
    • Will occupiers require more space per worker, thereby increasing demand?
    • Will the locational criteria change? Convenience/cost, vs centrality and prestige?
    • Will out of town office parks with ample parking facilities gain traction again?
    • Is video conferencing, now tested by everyone, the replacement for the sense of belonging/camaraderie/community, or will we all go crazy using it?
    15:30   Close
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    Bernd Stahli

    CEO, NSI

    2016-present CEO NSI N.V. 2015-2016 Management Team | Kempen & Co Securities 2013-2016 Managing Director | Head of European Real Estate | Kempen & Co Securities 2006-2013 Head of European Real Estate Research | Merrill Lynch London 1999-2006 Director | European Real Estate Research | Merrill Lynch London 1998-1999 Head of Global Real Estate Securities Fund | Aegon 1995-1998 Analyst US | Portfolio Manager Asia Real Estate Securities | APG