Galyna Permyakova appointed as chair of ULI NEXT Europe

Galyna Permyakova, associate director of real estate development at PATRIZIA based in Amsterdam, has been appointed as chair of the ULI NEXT group in Europe, which specifically engages and supports members aged 35-45. She succeeds Thomas Poulis-Leinberger, who chaired the European NEXT Group for the last two years. Galyna officially began her term on 1 July 2019 and will serve on a voluntary basis until 30 June 2021.

Since 2015, Galyna has been active within the ULI organisation and for the last two years she served on the Executive Committee of the ULI Netherlands’ Young Leaders group where she promoted cross-border cooperation with other Young Leader groups throughout Europe and organising exchange programmes. “Empowerment of the next generation of real estate leaders and promoting innovation is essential for the growth of our industry” emphasises Permyakova.

One of Galyna’s key priorities is to continue the expansion of ULI NEXT group activities in Europe. She says: “ULI NEXT already has an active membership base in Belgium, France, Germany, Turkey and the U.K. It is important that we continue to develop the programme to provide added value for our members aged 35–45, who are navigating the transition to leadership positions. This way, we hope to grow the demand for the ULI NEXT programme across Europe.”

“Enabling access to European leadership events and creating diverse programmes for cross-border collaboration and the exchange of innovative ideas is essential to furthering the ULI NEXT mission and values in Europe,” she says. “Taking the next step from young leader to being someone that everyone looks up to can be a challenging prospect and the ULI NEXT group in Europe aims to provide a collaborative environment that supports its members in their development and progression.”

Galyna’s plan for growing the ULI NEXT group in Europe includes:

  • Increasing awareness – promoting opportunities to join and increasing demand for the programme across Europe;
  • Developing a detailed programme of events and ensure NEXT participation in ULI’s broader events programme – increasing member engagement opportunities; and,
  • Creating a collaborative environment – ensuring a diverse representation of the group across the public sector and private sector.

“I am delighted to welcome Galyna as the new chair of the ULI NEXT group in Europe,” says Lisette van Doorn, CEO of ULI Europe. “She has shown an incredible passion and energy for ULI over the past few years and has developed an ambitious plan for building on what Thomas Poulis-Leinberger has already achieved in terms of an exciting programme of events for ULI NEXT members in Europe.”

At PATRIZIA, Galyna is responsible for the expansion of the company’s real estate development platform in The Netherlands. In addition to her active roles at ULI and PATRZIA, she serves on the board of the leading Dutch real estate organization “Holland Property Plaza” and has an extensive professional and academic experience across Europe and speaks five foreign languages. She holds a master’s degree in finance and law at Duisenberg School of Finance (The Netherlands), Master in Transnational Trade Law and Finance from Deusto University (Spain) and Master in Banking and Finance at Strasbourg University.