The Grand Paris Survey 2016

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ULI, an association of professionals and observers in urban land use and economic development, and EY, a global audit and advisory firm, decided to join forces to publish the first edition of the Grand Paris Survey. As independent observers, ULI and EY set themselves the goal to produce an unbiased assessment of a pivotal project for the economy in the Capital Region and in France. Firstly, by and for businesses, but also for those who assist them in their day-to-day operations and growth.

The goal is to measure the progress Grand Paris has achieved in the nearly 10 years since the French government launched the international consultation process, to determine the drivers behind the “moving faster, going further, working together” movement. The Grand Paris project is an outstanding opportunity for the future of France. This conviction is even stronger in the wake of Brexit. Making a success of the “Grand Paris” project has now become an imperative.


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