InfoBurst – Eat, Drink, Dwell: New Concepts in Retail and Leisure

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The retail and entertainment sector is one of the most dynamic in the real estate industry. From shopping centres, high street shops, and out-of-town retail parks to restaurants, cinemas, and concert venues, ULI Europe’s Retail and Entertainment Council examines all aspects of ownership and operation in this sector. Through a programme of events and original content, the council draws ideas from both established best practices and emerging trends to provide members with insights into the retail and entertainment market.

In recent years, many observers have noted retailers increasing their use of service and food and beverage offering as a way of enhancing their offering. In recognition of this trend and the impact it will have on members’ business and investment strategies, the council commissioned research into the growing role of leisure and experience in shopping centres and city centres around Europe.

This report presents the findings of this research. Drawing on in-depth interviews with leading practitioners in the retail sector, this report explores changing trends in retail concepts, in particular leisure and food and beverage offerings, and their real estate implications. It highlights what is working well and how current changes are affecting the vibrancy and liveability of urban retail developments.


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