Ingredients for Success: How food, drink, and leisure keep shopping centres competitive

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As the leisure and food and beverage (F&B) sectors continue to play a role in the success of shopping centres coping with the rise of e-commerce, this report examines the initial impact from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

It is becoming increasingly important to understand the business case for expanding leisure and F&B in shopping centres, and whether this strategy is helping defend sales in an increasingly competitive market, or if it can provide value growth on its own terms.

This research follows on from an Infoburst publication by ULI Europe called, ‘Eat, Drink, Dwell: New Concepts in Shopping and Leisure’, which looked at some of the changing offers in retail, particularly in the leisure and F&B sectors.

This publication was supported by the ULI Retail and Entertainment Product Council, which wanted to build on this qualitative work with an initial examination into some of the quantitative arguments for increasing leisure and F&B.


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