ULI UK: Innovators and Disrupters

This past spring, ULI UK Young Leaders launched a series of events entitled Innovators and Disrupters.  The series, which began in April and will run through November, features speakers who push the boundaries of the real estate industry through innovation and creativity.  Held in exclusive locations across London, the series aims to foster discussions and creative debates amongst young real estate professionals.

“We wanted to create a curated, differentiated experience for ULI members that addresses current trends we see in the market outside of traditional real estate,” said Lama Kanazeh, ULI UK Young Leader and Managing Director at Blackstone.  “We hope that this series broadens horizons as well as creates connectivity amongst two parallel universes that on occasion converge.”

Past sessions in the series have included a talk by Arup’s Damian Eley, who discussed the firm’s plans to complete Gaudi’s Basilica de la Sagrada Familia; remarks on placemaking and creative production by Candida Gertler, Director of the Outset Contemporary Art Fund and Co-Founder of the Studiomakers Initiative; and a discussion on the future of retail with Ross Bailey and Peter Lennon of Appear Here.

Please find a list of forthcoming events below:

Co-Living – ‘The Collective’ Site Tour & Presentation
6.30pm | 14 September 2016 | The Collective | London

The Collective is the UK’s first and the world’s largest co-living provider. They create innovative and affordable living and working spaces for young professionals and currently have 350 beds in their portfolio, with a further 1,500 planned.  The Collectives CEO, Reza Merchant, will give a guided tour of his latest scheme at Old Oak and share insights in to this new way of living.

The Art of Storytelling in Architecture
6.30pm | 13 October 2016 | Squint/Opera | London 

People have used narrative as a way to make sense of and navigate the complex world around them since the beginning of civilisation.  Architects are also story tellers – using words and imagery to conjure up an impression of a building and sell their ideas.  Join Nick Taylor, Company Director of creative agency, Squint/Opera, to debate the nuances in crafting powerful presentations to engage the broadest possible audience.

Daylight and Density
6.30pm | 24 November 2016 | GIA | London

With demographic trends forecasting London’s population will be nearing 11 million people by 2040, there is an ever increasing need to densify.  However, there are various constraints to the intensification of schemes within London including the BRE Guidelines, which offer advice on impacts to the daylight and sunlight to neighbours.  Consultancy, GIA, has created a 3D model of Central London that determines existing light levels within denser areas of London, which can be used to help bring context to how the BRE Guidelines are interpreted.