Marnix Galle is Appointed New Chair of ULI Belgium

Galle plans to strengthen the council’s core membership, build partnerships and tailor programming to local issues

LONDON (17 July 2015) — Marnix Galle, CEO of the Allfin Group, has been appointed as the new chair of ULI Belgium. He began his term on 1st July 2015 and will serve on a voluntary basis for the next two years.

As chair of ULI Belgium, Galle will focus on strengthening the council’s membership by attracting a core group of active members and creating more opportunities for member engagement.  “Right now, we are focused on how we can add value in the next two years to ULI’s role in the wider Belgian real estate landscape,” said Galle.  “We plan to enlarge the capacity of ULI Belgium by drawing in a core crowd of individuals who will both become members and devote time to the institute. This is our number one priority.”

Raising ULI Belgium’s public profile is key to Galle’s vision. By staging large-scale events and fostering partnerships with local organisations, Galle hopes not only to attract new members, but also to educate the public about ULI’s mission. “Organising high-profile events together with other relevant organisations in Brussels will help raise ULI Belgium’s profile. We need to educate people about ULI’s mission, what it offers members, and what it brings to our communities,” said Galle.

Under Galle’s direction, ULI Belgium’s programming will centre on trends specific to Belgian cities, including the topics of density and innovation.  Through tailoring programming to local issues, Galle hopes to find real solutions to urban challenges in Belgium. “Belgium is very conservative and often hesitant to embrace change.  That’s why we need our events and programmes to be effective and inspiring at a local level,” said Galle. “Through these events, we have the potential to find realistic solutions to local problems—solutions that will allow us to have cities that are more vibrant, dense, attractive and innovative.”

Galle has over 25 years of experience in the property industry.  Prior to his role at Allfin, he served as Managing Director of Fico, a real estate investment firm in Belgium.

“Marnix has begun his chairmanship with enthusiasm and a singular dedication to further developing ULI in Belgium,” said ULI Europe CEO Lisette van Doorn. “We are keen to support him and his Executive Committee in their efforts to enhance member value and have a stronger voice in the Belgian property industry.”

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