Moscow Urban Forum 2013

Moscow Urban Forum has quickly established itself as an important international event on city planning and urban development and is a key conference for anybody who is interested in the developing or investing in Moscow.

ULI was once again an international partner on the Forum, which took place between 5th and 7th December. Greg Clark, our Senior Visiting Fellow and lead on city issues, and I attended the event to moderate panel sessions and present ULI’s ideas and research on urban development. Between us we spoke on a wide variety of issues from developing on a megacity scale to creating new centres of attraction to transform a city.

As part of the Forum, PwC undertook a special study which compared the largest cities in key rapidly urbanising developing countries. Entitled From Moscow to São Paulo, the report provides a detailed study of the business, economic and cultural hub cities of the emerging world covering Moscow, São Paulo, Beijing, Mumbai, Mexico City, Istanbul and Jakarta. The report is available to download from the PwC website.

Further information on the Moscow Urban Forum can be found at: