National and Product Councils Win ULI Charitable Trust Grants

The ULI Charitable Trust has awarded a total of €35,000 in grants to several National and Product Councils. The winners were selected as part of a competition for the National and Product Council networks to bid for funds to deliver a ULI-led piece of work linked to Europe’s current themes of good density, the innovation economy, technology, or city engagement.

Below are the winning projects:

Mass Migration (ULI Germany, ULI Italy, ULI UK, ULI Netherlands, and ULI Sweden): This project aims to reveal and share best practices on an urgent issue: 5,000,000 new people in 20 cities by 2020 (in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway). How will these cities accommodate them and how can the real estate industry respond?

The Added Value of Leisure and Entertainment for Retail Locations (European Retail and Entertainment Council): An empirical case study of 10 retail locations to understand the impact on values where a significant share of leisure and entertainment has been added.

Creation of a pan-European Residential Council: This project would assess interest among ULI members and wider industry experts in creating a pan-European Residential Product Council – and undertake a research project to inform these discussions.

An honourable mention went to ULI Turkey’s proposal to develop a toolkit for the Yunus community, including impact mitigation strategies, good density design principles, and community action planning.