ULI Europe Awards for Excellence


On Monday 27 April 2020, we announced the ten finalists of the 2020 ULI Europe Awards for Excellence.

About the Awards

A guiding principle of the Urban Land Institute is that the achievement of excellence in land use practice should be recognised and rewarded. In accordance with this, ULI initiated the Global Awards for Excellence programme in 1979 to recognise truly superior development efforts in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. 

Winners of ULI Global Awards for Excellence 2019

This year, we extended the programme to honour projects on a regional basis with the launch of the ULI Europe Awards for Excellence, that will recognise outstanding urban development projects in the private, public and non-profit sectors, located in the EMEA countries

Submissions are open to all, not just ULI members. Please click here for further details on eligibility for the Awards.

The Awards for Excellence recognise the full development process of a project: planning, construction, economic viability, management, and community impact, as well as design.

The jury will evaluate projects and programmes on the extent to which they:

  • achieve marketplace acceptance/financial success;
  • achieve a high standard of excellence in all areas—architecture, design, planning, construction, amenities, economics, and management, etc.;
  • demonstrate relevance to the contemporary and future needs of the community in which they are located;
  • have a positive impact in their communities and/or immediate context;
  • exhibit environmental sustainability, stewardship, and resiliency; and
  • provide models, lessons, strategies, or techniques that other communities can replicate or adapt.

Special Mentions

Among the projects and programmes submitted for the ULI Europe Awards for Excellence, the Jury will also consider Special Mentions for those that demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  • Affordable Housing 
  • Social Value 
  • Climate Change / Resilience / Sustainability
  • Life Sciences 
  • Repurposing
  • Creative Placemaking / Arts and Culture / Community Engagement

For a project or programme to receive this special consideration, the submitter must designate it as a Special Mention candidate in the submission form and describe how it excels in the selected area/s. This way, the project or programme will be considered both as a candidate for the Awards for Excellence and for Special Mentions.

Entry fees

Submissions by public sector organisations / NGOs are free of charge. An entry fee must accompany each submission by private sector companies. 

Fees for the 2020 ULI Europe Awards for Excellence are

  • Public Sector/NGO: free of charge
  • Private Sector: €500

Please note that these fees apply to the company or organisation submitting the application, not the type of project. For instance, a private sector company submitting a public sector project pays the private sector fee.


Winners will be celebrated with an Award ceremony later in 2020. Further recognition of winners and finalists includes press releases and announcements in Urban Land magazine and on ULI’s website.

Submit your project

Submissions closed on Monday 13 January 2020.

Further instructions on submissions are available here.

2020 ULI Europe Awards for Excellence Timeline

Finalists were announced on Monday, 27 April 2020. View Finalists.

Submissions closed on Monday, 13 January 2020.

Submissions are open to all, not just ULI members.

For additional information, please contact Europe.Awards@uli.org