Eddington Masterplan

Project Details

Name: Eddington Masterplan

Category: Mixed-Use

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Photo Credit: Mike O’Dwyer.

Project Submission

The University of Cambridge is undergoing one of the most significant expansions in its 800 year history. At Eddington, the masterplan vision is to create a new urban district and city extension, centred on a mixed, academic and urban community. It will be a place that is sustainable, long- lasting and ambitious, enhancing the City and the University. The first phase of development provides a thoroughly mixed-use urban centre, as a focus for the emerging new community.

To maintain its international reputation and competitive strength, the University must provide for its future needs, including vital, affordable homes. The masterplan for Eddington demonstrates how, with an enlightened landowner, land at the edge of our cities can deliver significant affordable housing, a meaningful community and a contemporary architectural and landscape context, in this case building on the richly layered, collegiate urbanism that defines Cambridge.

The transformation of the 150ha site will ultimately provide 3,000 homes, half of which will be genuinely affordable homes for qualifying staff; accommodation for 2,000 post- graduates and 100,000sqm of academic research space, all set within extensive new parklands and a connective pedestrian and cycle network. Eddington is distinguished by providing social and green infrastructure from the outset, including a primary school, a community hall and nursery, a foodstore, shops and an energy centre supporting the first wave of affordable homes.The University has carefully selected architects to work collectively with the masterplan team, defining a coherent new built environment within a framework of materials and building technologies, enhancing the natural context. Buildings, public spaces and garden courts have all been designed to the highest standards of inclusion and environmental sustainability. As the masterplan comes alive, one of the world’s most beautiful cities will continue to put quality of life, sustainable life choices, education and community at its heart.

Developer: University of Cambridge

Owner: University of Cambridge

Architect: Aecom Masterplanning – Masterplan Lead