Triodos Bank – de Reehorst

Project Details

Name: Triodos Bank – de Reehorst

Category: Office

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Photo Credit: Bert Rietberg

Project Submission

12,994 sq m of office space fully embracing its natural environment. 

EDGE’s latest development at ‘De Reehorst’ is groundbreaking in terms of sustainability and circularity, and the home of Triodos Bank – one of the world’s most sustainable banking companies.

Beautiful estate De Reehorst is the décor where the Triodos foundation was established in 1971. The development and design of the building is in complete harmony with the surrounding nature and environment of the 27.5 hectare estate. By building this new office, we were able to create added value to the existing surrounding environment and tangibly add extra hectares of nature.

The innovative building is completely demountable and therefore has a complete circular potential. The building is energy neutral, constructed from reusable and reused materials and has a wooden construction. It can be completely deconstructed and rebuild elsewhere as it is demountable.

Besides the groundbreaking construction and design, the new Triodos office building will give a sustainable and economic impulse to the surrounding environment. As part of the integral area development of the Driebergen- Zeist station area, the office contributes to the value of the estate and the quality of the Nature Network in the Netherlands (NNN). Beyond its local value creation, the building is a leading example for other buildings and the sector at large.After years of a thorough preparation phase, the building has been completed in September 2019. The project was a unique, open and transparent cooperation between municipality, nature conservancy partners and Triodos, with EDGE as the developing lead in the process. An “umbrella deal” was created between ProRail, local government, the Reehorst Foundation and other significant partners. The key success factor for the development was the synergy that arose as a result of all stakeholders being truly engaged.

Developer: EDGE

Owner: Triodos Bank


  • Rau Architects
  • Ex Interiors