Eligibility, Typologies and Criteria


Submissions are open to all, not just ULI members. 

Development projects and programmes/initiatives that meet the following requirements are eligible to submit for a ULI Europe Awards for Excellence.

Projects must be:

  • located in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region;
  • financially viable; for public sector/nonprofit this means demonstrating a reasonable use of financial resources;
  • substantially complete (however, they need not be newly constructed); and
  • in stabilised operation. 

Projects with multiple phases may submit complete phases of the project. “Substantially complete” means a single-phase project must be finished, occupied, and in operation; for multiple-phase projects, at least the first phase must be finished, occupied, and in operation. 

Programmes/initiatives may include growth management strategies, publicly guided development programmes, initiatives to improve quality of living and other built environment initiatives. 

Programmes/initiatives must be:

  • designed for an EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) country or region;
  • financially viable, if applicable; and
  • significantly implemented.


Upon submission, submitters select a typology for their project. Typologies help the jury better understand the project. The jury evaluates all submissions as part of a single group, meaning the jury evaluates each one against all other submissions, regardless of type or location. The jury does not pre-assign a number or portion of the finalists and winners to different typologies.

Categories on the submission form include:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Residential (private rented sector, market rate for sale, affordable housing, student housing, senior living)
  • Logistics/Industrial
  • Mixed-Use (having three or more significant revenue-producing uses)
  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Programme/Initiative
  • Other

Submitters are also asked to describe the project type, e.g. new development, refurbishment, redevelopment, repurposing, cultural/industrial heritage regeneration, densification.

Evaluation Criteria

The Awards for Excellence recognise the full development process of a project: planning, construction, economic viability, management, and community impact, as well as design.

The jury will evaluate projects and programs on the extent to which they:

  • achieve marketplace acceptance/financial success;
  • achieve a high standard of excellence in all areas—architecture, design, planning, construction, amenities, economics, and management, etc.;
  • demonstrate relevance to the contemporary and future needs of the community in which they are located;
  • have a positive impact in their communities and/or immediate context;
  • exhibit environmental sustainability, stewardship, and resiliency; and
  • provide models, lessons, strategies, or techniques that other communities can replicate or adapt.

Contact Details

For additional information, please contact Europe.Awards@uli.org