ULI Advisory Services Panel Report – Budapest, Hungary

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 A two day ULI Advisory Service panel was convened in Budapest, Hungary on June 17 and June 18 2013. The ULI panel attended by invitation of the City of Budapest, and addressed the following questions:

i. The vision and opportunity: What is the potential for Budapest over the next 10 years of urban development? What would be the consequences of failing to optimise the opportunities and potential? How can a shared vision for the next 10 years be built between different stakeholders? What is the best role of the Danube, as a catalyst for the urban development of Budapest?

ii. Collaboration and partnership: What should be the optimal and distinctive roles of the public and private sectors in the urban development process, and what partnership and co-ordination will be necessary to realise opportunities? How can a development strategy be defined for the Danube, wherein the collaborative mission of the stakeholders can be defined? What other tools are required? were hosted by the Mayor of Budapest with active support from ULI Members in the urban design and architecture community in the city.

iii. Identity and brand: What should be the positioning and identity of Budapest in its urban development programme and how can this be promoted through multiple projects and initiatives? How can Budapest’s identity be strengthened by using the developments along the Danube as a key tool?


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