ULI Advisory Services Panel Report — Frankfurt and Offenbach, Germany

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A ULI Advisory Services Panel was convened on 3-8 May 2015 to determine how the cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach can better collaborate, better connect both economically and physically, and develop commercial and residential properties in ways that benefit both cities.

Specifically, the panel was charged to consider the following questions:

1. What are the key synergies and opportunities that can stimulate better collaboration between Frankfurt and Offenbach, and how can their respective roles in the broader metropolitan area better complement each other?

2. What types of growth can Frankfurt no longer accommodate because of geographic or structural limitations, and what implications does this have for Offenbach?

3. How should current and projected supply and demand for residential, commercial, and leisure shape the development strategy and optimize synergies between Frankfurt and Offenbach?

4. How can the development of the Kaiserlei area best support the urban integration of the two cities?

5. How can planned new and enhanced transportation links between the two cities strengthen the connection between them, and which are keys to driving new development and regeneration?

6. What areas and existing buildings can Offenbach use to reinforce its attractiveness to creative industries and entrepreneurs, and how could this benefit Frankfurt?

7. What improvements can be made to the central area of Offenbach to enhance its appeal to both residents and visitors?


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