ULI Belgium: Mechelen City Tour

ULI Belgium was proud to enjoy an informative guided tour by the Mayor of Mechelen, Mr Bart Somers, visiting major urban regeneration projects and investments in the city.

Mechelen has transformed in the recent decade into a well-managed and vibrant city.

The city invested in digital platforms that improve the services rendered for its citizens, reopened the canals bringing back water into the city, and repaved the public areas based on a well-structured design.

After 15 years of leadership by its Mayor and his team, retail is thriving again, private investments have risen, the mean age of its residents is lowering (against all demographic flows), and social cohesion seems to be stronger than it was before.

The city is attracting young people as well as upper middle class residents, giving a better social mixture. Investments in the most deprived neighbourhoods is bringing back a social dynamic and giving opportunities to those most in need.

Mechelen is a great example of how good policy, public leadership and consistent public investment proves to have major results, on a societal and financial basis.