ULI Belgium Young Leaders Host 2018 Forum: The Urban Reset

Young Leaders Forum Belgium

On Wednesday 17 October 2018, ULI Belgium organized the inaugural ULI Belgium Young Leaders Forum, powered by IMMOBEL, “The Urban Reset: Regenerating Cities.”

The Forum, held at the WTC LabNorth Offices in Brussels, brought together over 90 real estate industry professionals to hear from public sector leaders from Brussels (Citydev and Up4North) and Charleroi (CATCH).

Forum speaker Benjamin Cadranel, CEO at Citydev, presented inspiring plans for revitalizing cities and redeveloping ‘under reconstruction’ districts, while Sven Lenaerts, Program Manager, Up4North and Roland Dudal, Engineer-architect and Founding partner of Architecture Workroom Brussels, focused more specifically on new real estate and urban development projects in the Brussels North District.

Later, presentations focused on the economic and territorial development strategy of the city of Charleroi. Thomas Dermine, Head of Delivery Unit, Charleroi CATCH, explained the strategy for accelerating employment and economic growth in the Charleroi region starting at the North Plateau of Gosselies. Pauline Cabrit, Landscape Architect, Charleroi Bouwmeester, focused on the urban and city marketing plans that answer fundamental questions of where and how to live well in Charleroi.

An open discussion among attendees and Forum speakers rounded out the evening and made for lively dinner discussion at the Forum’s networking dinner.


Photos from the Forum

Forum Presentations

Brussels North District, Next Steps? – Part One 
Brussels North District, Next Steps? – Part Two

Urban innovation in Brussels with citydev.brussels

What plan to revive City economy? Ambitions and perspectives for post-industrial cities.

Charleroi: The place to C – Part One
Charleroi: The place to C – Part Two
Charleroi: The place to C – Part Three

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