ULI Europe Content Update: 2016-2017

ULI Europe has a diverse and exciting programme of content scheduled for 2016 and 2017. Our latest research output is the report Brussels and Antwerp: Pathways to a Competitive Future, launched in May 2016 at the ULI Belgium Annual Conference. The report reviews the key competitive strengths and weaknesses of Belgium’s two largest cities, Brussels and Antwerp and makes a series of concrete recommendations. The report will be useful to all those in the public and private sectors who wish to take action to enhance the competitiveness of these two cities. The report also introduces a framework for analysing city competitiveness that is relevant for all cities around Europe and worldwide.

This summer, we will begin the next phase of our ongoing work on the theme of density. In partnership with the New Climate Economy, the flagship project of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, we are preparing to launch the project Supporting Smart Urban Growth: Successful Investing in Density. This project will explore the relationship between urban development patterns and financial and environmental benefits. The research will objectively evaluate the impact of investment in compact, connected urban development on investment returns for real estate investors, costs per resident for the public sector, and carbon emissions. Global in scope, the programme will combine quantitative analysis with interviews, roundtables and detailed case studies.

Another important research initiative launching this summer will be a project entitled “Mass migration– how will cities accommodate it and how can the real estate industry respond?” The current wave of migrants entering Europe will have substantial impacts on both European cities and the real estate industry. The settlement of migrants in European cities, both on a temporary and permanent basis will change cities, people’s perceptions of cities, and affect land and real estate values. Through this project, ULI hopes to create a dialogue amongst ULI Europe members on issues related to migration as it impacts cities and land use in the short term and long term. The project will be overseen by a steering group made up of ULI members from Germany, Sweden, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Turkey and Greece.

ULI Europe is also working with our National and Product councils to support them to carry out research projects that deliver content targeted at their members and beyond.

Working with ULI Poland and the OECD, ULI is developing materials for a workshop entitled Cities & Investment – Optimising Opportunities. The workshop, hosted by the city of Poznan, will bring together representatives from the public and private sector in Polish cities with international experts on linking city vision and strategy to financing complex urban regeneration projects. The discussion will focus on the practical actions that cities can take to develop, promote and obtain financing for urban regeneration projects.

Also in September 2016, ULI Netherlands and the City of Rotterdam will partner host a two-day event Innovation in urban regeneration: Rotterdam Innovation Ecosystem. The City of Rotterdam, as part of a broader economic strategy for the region, is seeking to create an eco-innovation system as part of the development of the central station area. The event will bring together an international group of practitioners with expertise working on urban innovation districts. Following the event, the team will produce a report with findings and recommendations that will be relevant not just to Rotterdam, but other cities tacking similar issues.

ULI Europe’s Retail and Entertainment product council is currently developing a study entitled Does leisure in shopping centres really add up? This research, which will be launched in November 2016 at MAPIC, will be an empirical case study of 10 existing retail locations where recently a significant share of leisure and entertainment has been added to understand what impact that has on values.

This post was written by Elizabeth Rapoport, ULI Europe Content Director