ULI Greece & Cyprus: Recap of “Understanding Health and Wellbeing in Buildings” event

On 18 February 2018, ULI Greece & Cyprus held an “Understanding Health and Wellbeing in Buildings” event in Athens. Fragkiskos Levantis, Principal at Sustain, opened the event with a presentation regarding the landlord’s perspective and Olga Stamathioudaki, Organisational Development, Directo at Qualco, followed with the occupier’s perspective.

Two keynote presentations followed including:

  • “Understanding WELL Certification” by Ann Marie Aguilar, Director of European Operations at International WELL Building Institute (IWBI); and,
  • “Investing in Health and Wellbeing” by Philippa Gill, Partner at Verdextra.

After ending the keynote presentations all speakers participated in a very interesting panel discussion which analysed the topic of “Health & Wellbeing as a Value Driver in Buildings”. Ioannis Orfanos, Head of the ULI Greece & Cyprus Sustainability Council and Director at Green Value Associates moderated the discussion.