ULI Italy Conference 2018: Recap

The 2018 ULI Italy Conference in Milan brought together more than 100 leaders in the real estate industry to explore city competitiveness.

The event saw the launch of a new piece of research on the competitiveness of Milan and Turin. The report argues that in order to remain competitive, the cities of Milan and Turin must improve their governance structures, attractiveness to talent, and collaboration with other cities in the Transalpine region.

Speakers included Prof. Greg Clark, Senior Fellow, ULI Europe; Prof. Giovanna Fossa, Politecnico di Milano; Mateu Hernández Maluquer, CEO, Barcelona Global; Prof. Carlo Ratti, Director, MIT Senseable City Lab; Andrea Ruckstuhl, Head of Italy and Continental Europe, Lendlease; Andy  Schofield, Director of Research, TH Real Estate; Bob van der Zande, Director Residential Markets, City of Amsterdam; and Olle Zetterberg, CEO, Stockholm Business Region.

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