Join the ULI NEXT Europe Executive Committee

We are looking for suitable candidates to help us further the mission of ULI NEXT, gain lifelong connections and visibility among the next leaders in the real estate industry.

By being on the ULI Europe NEXT Executive Committee, you will build lasting and strategic relationships amongst the ULI NEXT chapters, gain exposure and build connections with senior ULI Europe Executive Committee members. The role will give you access to ULI leadership programmes and events, and a relevant voice in the organisation.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate a strong professional track record, hold a leadership (mid to senior) position within their company, have a relevant professional network and have a track record within the ULI organisation. Former Young Leader members and/or Young Leaders Committee members are welcome to apply for this position.

You can apply yourself or nominate someone else. This opportunity is open to members in Europe aged between 35-45.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 10 December.

Visit the advert on ULI Navigator to find out more.