ULI Poland: Grow with Warsaw

ULI Poland has partnered with the city of Warsaw on “Grow with Warsaw,” a series of workshop meetings addressed to real estate investors. The programme’s objective is to present Warsaw’s spatial policy and develop, through an open dialogue with the key players of the real estate industry, proposals of systemic solutions to serve as guidance for the study of conditions and directions of spatial development for the city of Warsaw.

Grow with Warsaw is implemented by the Architecture & Spatial Planning Department and the Economic Development Department of the city of Warsaw. ULI Poland is the project partner responsible for the preparation of the content, organisation of the workshop, and also for moderating of the discussions.

“[In the ‘Grow with Warsaw’ series,] we discuss the current and future spatial policy of the city and the needs of the companies which not only would like to invest in Warsaw but also are able to create resident-friendly spaces to become the city’s showcase,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw during the meeting opening the series.

“This workshop is an unprecedented event. It integrates the good practices used by world metropolises with the strategy of Warsaw’s authorities. It is worth using the experience of other cities and investors. I do not recall industry meetings with such importance and valuable content,” added John Banka, Chair of ULI Poland.

“Grow with Warsaw encompasses six meetings, each dealing with a different sector of the property market. So far, we have organised three workshops with focus on:

  • retail development
  • urban revitalisation, and
  • mixed-use development and changing character of the workplace

The workshops are not limited to presentations and exchanging ideas. After each meeting, a report is created and published on a dedicated website.