ULI Russia Executive Series with Oleg Myshkin

ULI Russia hosted another successful Executive Series for Young Leaders on November 11th in partnership with GHP Group. The Executive Series speaker was Mr. Oleg Myshkin, the Managing Partner of GHP Group, and a Russian real estate market leader. The event took place in his cozy office in the Moscow city center at BC Romanov Dvor. Young Leaders from development, consultancy, architectural and investment companies attended the event.

Mr. Oleg Myshkin began by telling about starting his career in the early ‘90s. At that time Moscow did not have any professional developer, tenant, modern office and real estate specialists or knowledge. This was an interesting time when young professionals who had bravery, confidence and focus to build real estate companies from scratch became the founders of the Russian real estate market.

The second part of his presentation was about successful development investment projects that his company has recently developed. Again, Mr. Myshkin believed in the market where many other professionals had doubts. He brought his experience and knowledge to the second largest city in Russia – St. Petersburg. Today his company has built two office projects in the northern capital of Russia, both successful and constructed based on high world-class standards. These projects today are some of the best examples in the Class A office market in St Petersburg and can compete with the most attractive properties in Moscow.

The attendees had a unique chance to ask Mr. Myshkin questions about his projects, plans for the future, and his opinion about the current market situation. Mr. Myshkin was kind to share with the Young Leaders his experience and view on the overall market and economic situation and his company’s plans for the nearest future.

The Young Leaders in attendance were able to gain knowledge and confidence, and we wish them all many successful stories in their own careers.