ULI Sweden: Breakfast meeting at Pembroke Real Estate and tour of Mästerhuset

On 11 February, ULI Sweden members enjoyed an exclusive breakfast meeting with Erik Gustafson, Mark Takeuchi, Jan Edgren and Karl Sundholm of Pembroke Real Estate in their Stockholm office.

After a brief breakfast mingle, the Pembroke team gave a summary of their business strategy, “Pride of Ownership,” and discussed their ambitions for the development of Stockholm CBD. These ambitions included their ongoing project, “Mästerhuset”, a 30,500 sqm office and retail development designed together with architects TENGBOM, also represented at the meeting by Jeppe Dueholm Sörensen.

Participants discussed topics such as benefits of long instead of short term investments and the building climate in Stockholm and Sweden from a global perspective. Attendees then visited “Mästerhuset” to see first-hand Pembroke’s idea of the modern office building.