ULI Turkey: Site Visit of Uniq Istanbul

ULI Turkey recently started a series of site tours aimed at highlighting urban regeneration projects that are welcomed by the public and contribute to the urban environment. A group of 17 ULI members recently visited Uniq Istanbul as part of this programme.

Uniq Istanbul, which brings the city’s Maslak area to life, combines culture, arts, and business together with nature in a high quality environment.

The Uniq Istanbul Project is a transformation of a site that was originally planned as a cultural center into a mixed-use project with office blocks, a university, a shopping centre, cafes and restaurants, a sports arena, art galleries, and a concert hall, with a total area of 66,000 acres. With all of these different elements, the development goes even beyond a mixed-use project.

The purpose of the site visit was to show ULI members a best-practice mixed-use project, which is very close to one of the main business districts of Istanbul. This was the fourth in a series of visits to sites that exemplify best practices in urban development.