ULI UK: Build to Rent Edinburgh Event

ULI UK’s Residential Council held the first Best Practice Design Guide for Build to Rent, roadshow event in Edinburgh 5th June. Hosted by Shepherd & Wedderburn, overlooking the Edinburgh skyline, the event attracted over 60 people from across Scotland’s diverse residential and broader real estate sector.

The ULI Build to Rent Guide was presented by leading members from the ULI UK Residential Council who shared insights of how investors, government and developers could deliver Build to Rent as an asset for the Scottish housing sector. Highlights from the presentation shared how landlords should embrace the idea that tenants should not just rent their flat, but instead feel that they are renting the whole building through the lifestyle amenities and community facilities offered – effectively creating new private rented communities.

‘Build to Rent could be viewed as a marriage of both the hotel and private rented sector management and investment models. Build to Rent Edinburgh attendee

Grosvenor’s Robin Blacklock led a dynamic panel debate of residential Government and investor specialist who shared how Build to Rent can play an important role in the wider housing market across Scotland. Some investors are already embracing the opportunity with the Scottish Government taking a partnership approach to champion and realise the opportunity. The debate also highlighted that leadership from private investors and local authorities were seen as key to unlocking the wider build to rent opportunity and could play an important role in the wider housing market shortfall.

Further details or to order the ULI Build to Rent Guide visit: http://europe.uli.org/general-posts/uli-uk-launches-design-guide-build-rent/

The Build to Rent event in Edinburgh marked ULI UK’s second event in Scotland for 2014, Our next event will be a Real Estate Funds Seminar, led by a senior member of the ULI Executive Committee. For further details please contact Robert de Jong robert.dejong@uli.org.