ULI UK Urban Technology Framework

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ULI UK has launched an Urban Technology Framework to help cities advance into the next generation.

The Urban Technology Framework has identified 12 current trends that will shape metropolitan hubs. This in turn, will help developers and architects who are responsible for delivering future cities.

Key tech trends include 3D printing transforming the way we build, and the Internet of Things (IoT) progressing smart buildings from stationary structures to machines. Digitalisation will transform business models, causing the existing sharing economy to extend even further: with people sharing houses, cars and clothes.

The framework sets out the trends into three themes – digital technologies, urban land factors and business models – that will further transform our cities. These must be considered in every plan for the future, and how they will affect communities, institutions, buildings and the public realm.

The Urban Technology Framework is an initiative of the ULI UK Tech Forum.


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