ULI Europe Conference 2017: Migration and Housing

February 24, 2017 | Length: 47:47

Following strong urbanisation and migration flows, due to economic migration and geo-political turmoil, cities are evolving as the centres of the universe for people to live, work and play and for investors to put their money. As a result, many cities increasingly face the unintended consequences of this development, with affordability of housing being one of the most critical issues for European cities today.

In this session, we explore the potential solutions to make housing more affordable, what the impact of migration flows is and how affordable housing influences city economic growth. How can public and private sector collaborate to improve affordability for existing and future city residents? What are the opportunities and challenges we’re facing?

Moderator: Bénédicte Paviot, France 24

Prof. Michael Keith, Oxford University
James Murray, City of London
Yolande Barnes, Savills
Nicolas Bearelle, Re-Vive