Young Leaders Tour BBC Television Centre Site

ULI UK White City Tour

A group of 23 ULI UK Young Leaders were given an exclusive tour of the 14 acre BBC Television Centre site, one of Stanhope’s flagship developments.

Led by the Stanhope development team, the tour began in the iconic forecourt under the instantly recognisable “BBC Television Centre” sign and bubble wall on the side of Stage Here, Stanhope explained their vision for the site and discussed the intricacies involved with such a complex development including the issues surrounding the listed nature of parts of the building.

The tour then moved through the famous Stage Door entrance and into one of the television studios where the logistics of combining functioning studios with other uses such as residential, retail, office and hotel were explained. Next to the Drama Block (the roof of which, legend has it, inspired the design for the Daleks) the tour progressed, and then up into the East Tower where the delegates were treated to a rare birds’ eye view of the site from the 12th floor, allowing them to see it in the context of the surrounding area.

The visit came to a close with a treat many school children grew up dreaming about – a visit to the Blue Peter Garden. It was an interesting and informed tour provided by Stanhope and exciting to see first-hand the major changes planned for the development and the surrounding area over the course of the next 5- 10 years.

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