ULI Turkey: Property Management Council Legislation Workshop

The ULI Turkey Property Management Council held a Legislation Workshop on 13 December 2017, which took place at ISBAK Campus, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s IT & smart city technologies company.

Background of the Event:

Under auspices of ULI Turkey, a Property Management Council was formed in 2017. As a first event, a Facility/Property Management Forum was organized on 21 March 2017 at YEM (Building Information Centre) Istanbul Facilities. The meeting format was a panel/forum with 15-20 panellists together with audience members to ask questions and contribute. Topics discussed included problems arising from the multi-ownership structure, solution proposals for the problems, and facility management vs. value of the property.

The Workshop:

Around 80 people participated in the December event.  ULI Turkey Chairman Zafer Baysal opened the event, underlining the importance of the standardisation in the zoning process, increasing transparency and predictability, changing the perception of unfair competition with domestic investors, and the urban transformation for the city of Istanbul as the most important catalysts.

The panellists discussed the following headlines in an interactive, full-day workshop:

  • Legislation
  • Standardisation
  • Energy
  • Workforce Management

At the end of the workshop, The Facility Management Association of Turkey invited ULI Turkey’s Property Management Council to participate in their national conference that will take place in May 2018.