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NEW REPORT: ULI Sustainability Outlook 2021

The ULI Sustainability Outlook 2021 is the Institute’s first-ever look-ahead on issues that are specific to ESG-related concerns in the real estate industry. Members from ULI’s Sustainable Development Council (SDC), along with ULI Global Chairman Owen D. Thomas and ULI Trustee Ken Hubbard, contributed to this report. From ESG investing to grid-interactive buildings, and from climate risk to healthy buildings, it’s an exciting time for the real estate industry to advance sustainability.

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ULI Annual Report 2020

The ULI 2020 Annual Report is now live! Titled Successfully Navigating a Rapidly Changing World, this report shows how ULI—through our members—is continuing to make a positive, lasting difference in communities around the world. Topics address everything from the COVID-19 pandemic, through our longer-term work in addressing the challenges faced by our communities on issues such as racial inequity, climate change, and housing affordability.

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Download 2021 Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe: An Uncertain Impact

Europe’s property sector is in the midst of a cyclical downturn that is coinciding with long-term structural changes to real estate, according to the PwC/ULI 18th edition of the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2021 report. However, real estate generally is seen as one of the few asset classes to generate acceptable returns at a time of low or negative interest rates. Read the press release and download the report on Knowledge Finder.

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ULI Europe Conference 2020: The Great Debate – Who Will Be the Future Winners in Real Estate?
With building occupiers and users demanding more flexibility and services, the role of the property investor and manager is changing. If real value is achieved through active operational management, what role does the passive property owner now play?

Over the years, I have made lasting connections with fellow ULI members from all sectors of the real estate industry. I always appreciate hearing their diverse points of view and new ideas.