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Monthly Newsletter: January 2020
Find out about the latest activity across ULI Europe, including upcoming events. Read the January monthly newsletter now.
ULI Annual Report
Building Better Communities
ULI's annual report for fiscal year 2019, Building Better Communities is now live. The report reflects on a busy, productive year highlighted by efforts to expand the Institute's reach and impact around the world. In this report, you'll see how ULI – through our dedicated members – is continuing to make a positive, lasting difference in communities around the globe.
ULI Member Tools
JUST LAUNCHED: All-New Knowledge Finder
We welcome ULI members to the all-new Knowledge Finder—the global resource of real estate development & financing trends and best practices, delivering information that is actionable, improves decision making and outcomes, and helps you succeed. Anytime. Anywhere.
Reports and Publications
Read the ULI Germany/Austria/Switzerland Polis Magazine
ULI Germany/Austria/Switzerland is pleased to present its fourth ULI polis special edition! Together with the polis Magazine for Urban Development the national council has published a high quality German-language magazine that guides you vividly through the contents, activities and events of ULI Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Take a look back at the past ULI year and read exciting articles on the topics that are currently moving the industry. Read more.
Emerging Trends in Real Estate
Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2020 Now Available
Europe’s property leaders continue to have faith in real estate as an attractive and in-demand investment class, despite strong political and economic headwinds, according to the latest Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2020 report. Download the report now.
ULI U.K. Residential Council
Later Living: Housing with Care Guide
This new guide by the Urban Land Institute offers guidance for investors, developers, and architects on how to best design, build, and operate housing with care, part of the later living sector. Read more.
Upcoming Events
10-13 March 2020
Cannes, France
1-2 April 2020
Warsaw, Poland
5–6 May 2020
London, United Kingdom
14 May 2020
Frankfurt, Germany
3-4 June 2020
Madrid, Spain
8-9 June 2020
Vienna, Austria
30 June 2020
The Netherlands
ULI Europe Conference 2019: How Can We Achieve Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in the 21st Century?
ULI Europe Conference 2019: Inspiring Our Future—UrbanPlan in the World

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