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William Riordan Appointed Chair of ULI Europe Young Leaders Group

William Riordan, director at Value Retail Management, has been appointed chair of ULI Europe Young Leaders. Riordan, who succeeds Hala El Akl, director at PLP Architecture, will serve on a voluntary basis for a two-year term starting on 1 July 2020. As part of his role, Riordan will represent the views of those aged under 35 and become a member of the ULI Europe Executive Committee, which oversees ULI’s activities across the region. Read press release.

Marnix Galle Appointed ULI Europe Chairman

Marnix Galle, executive chairman of Belgian developer Immobel, has been appointed ULI Europe Chairman. Galle, who succeeds Juergen Fenk, member of the executive board, SIGNA Holding GmbH, will serve on a voluntary basis for a two-year term starting on 1 July 2020 and will also join the ULI Global Board of Directors. Read press release.

Reshaping Retail – Accelerating Change

A new update from ULI Europe to its Reshaping Retail report, which was published earlier this year prior to the coronavirus pandemic taking hold across Europe, has forecast that the impact of COVID-19 will accelerate the restructuring of the retail property sector, particularly in the United Kingdom. Read 

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ULI Europe Conference 2020: The Great Debate – Who Will Be the Future Winners in Real Estate?
With building occupiers and users demanding more flexibility and services, the role of the property investor and manager is changing. If real value is achieved through active operational management, what role does the passive property owner now play?

Over the years, I have made lasting connections with fellow ULI members from all sectors of the real estate industry. I always appreciate hearing their diverse points of view and new ideas.