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More than 1,000 attendees tuned in for ULI Europe’s annual flagship event, 8–10 February 2021. Registrants had unparalleled opportunities to engage with cutting-edge content and world-class speakers, to hear about valuable lessons learned from around the globe, and to connect one on one with real estate industry leaders.

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Download Understanding the Life Sciences Sector: The Case for Real Estate Investment

The global impact of COVID-19 has brought the importance of the life sciences sector sharply into focus, with increasing investment and deals in the sector. Despite the size of the life sciences sector and predicted continued growth, the sector is not yet understood well by the real estate industry or recognised as a distinct investment sector in Europe. Find out more about our latest research, and download Understanding the Life Sciences Sector: The Case for Real Estate Investment on Knowledge Finder.

Search within Webinars on Knowledge Finder

With over 700 hours of content available to stream, we are excited to introduce you to a new feature allowing you to search within a video or webinar by keyword or phrase on the award-winning Knowledge Finder. Imagine being able to discover the exact moments that are most relevant to you while saving you hours of time. Learn more.

2021 ULI European Leadership Awards Winners Announced

ULI has announced two deserving winners of the 2021 ULI European Leadership Awards. Ric Lewis, founding partner of Tristan Capital Partners, has won the 2021 ULI European Leader Award, and Marion Waller, advisor to the Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, was announced as the winner of this year’s ULI European Talent Award for real estate professionals aged 40 or under. Read more.

ULI Europe Launches 15th National Council in Denmark

ULI Europe has launched its 15th European National Council in Denmark. Jesper Bo Hansen, head of corporate finance, Catella, will be the new chair serving a two-year term on a voluntary basis, and will be joined by an executive committee made up of local industry leaders. Read the press release here.

NEW REPORT: ULI Sustainability Outlook 2021

The ULI Sustainability Outlook 2021 report is the Institute’s first-ever look ahead on issues that are specific to ESG-related concerns in the real estate industry. Members from ULI’s Sustainable Development Council (SDC), along with ULI Global Chairman Owen D. Thomas and ULI Trustee Ken Hubbard, contributed to this report. From ESG investing to grid-interactive buildings, and from climate risk to healthy buildings, it’s an exciting time for the real estate industry to advance sustainability.

Read more on Knowledge Finder.

Building Climate Resilience in Cities Worldwide

New research from ULI and the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC) calls on cities worldwide to recognise their common challenges in building climate resilience. This research combines the expertise and experiences of five cities around the world – Hong Kong, Miami, New York, Rotterdam, and Singapore.  Read more on Knowledge Finder.


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ULI Europe Conference 2020: The Great Debate – Who Will Be the Future Winners in Real Estate?
With building occupiers and users demanding more flexibility and services, the role of the property investor and manager is changing. If real value is achieved through active operational management, what role does the passive property owner now play?

Over the years, I have made lasting connections with fellow ULI members from all sectors of the real estate industry. I always appreciate hearing their diverse points of view and new ideas.