Advisory Services

What are advisory services?

ULI Europe’s advisory services events bring together ULI members and other urban experts to provide objective advice on complex land use, urban development and policy challenges. Events are commissioned by public, private, and non-profit organisations who wish to access the expertise of the ULI network. Previous events have focused on finding creative, practical solutions for issues such as the regeneration of a site or district, developing strategies for economic development and investment, revising asset and portfolio management strategies, managing gentrification and providing affordable housing.

When a sponsor commissions an advisory event, ULI staff work closely with the sponsor to define the specific land-use and development challenge to be addressed and identify the types of experts from the ULI network to invite to the event. ULI and the sponsor partner to organize the event, which consists of an intensive two- to five-day visit by the experts to the city. During this visit, the experts interview relevant stakeholders, visit sites and, at the close of the event, present their recommendations at a public event. The findings and recommendations are the summarized in a written report, delivered around two months after the event.

Why commission a ULI advisory services event?

  • Bring together leaders from across the fields of real estate and land use policy to share and exchange their knowledge and expertise.
  • Obtain objective, candid and unbiased strategic advice from an international panel of independent experts.
  • Obtain practical advice on a complex issue in a short timeframe.
  • Foster collaboration with local stakeholders through their inclusion in the event and the final presentation of findings.
  • Obtain a short, focused report of finding and recommendations.


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