ULI welcomes collaborations with new partners. There are many ways in which your company can support ULI’s programme, giving you the flexibility to choose from opportunities that best fit your organisation’s needs. Sponsoring a ULI programme or event is an unparalleled opportunity to network with business decision makers, showcase your company’s brand and strengthen ties with existing clients.

Our sponsorship opportunities include:


There are a range of sponsorship opportunities at ULI’s conferences ranging from headline sponsorship with widespread on-site branding at the event through to specific items such as lanyards.

ULI is actively looking for sponsors for the following events:

Research Reports

Organisations can sponsor one of our planned reports or can commission new research into an area which benefits both your business and ULI’s membership.


ULI actively seeks sponsorship for its programmes such as the European Young Leaders Group and is willing to consider any initiative which advances the organisation’s mission.


For further information on sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Jacqui Collins
Director, Business Development
T: +44 (0)20 7487 9582
E: jacqui.collins@uli.org