National Councils

National Councils are ULI’s country networks which organise local events and activities. In Europe, there are 14 National Councils that bring together a variety of public and private sector stakeholders to find solutions and build consensus around land use and development challenges.

National Councils, known as District Councils in the US, provide an opportunity to influence local land use policy by facilitating the exchange of knowledge between industry experts and community leaders. Our National Councils do this through educational forums and events such as conferences, project tours and community outreach programmes. In the ULI spirit of offering an unbiased and non-partisan exchange on issues impacting the industry, National Councils provide the avenues for active dialogues between private industry, environmental organisations and public agencies to help provide solutions to local and regional issues.


To learn more about ULI’s National Councils contact:

Jacqui Collins
Director, Business Development
+44 20 7487 9582