NEXT supports the ULI mission by identifying, connecting, and elevating the next generation of leaders for the built environment and ULI globally. NEXT engages and supports members aged 35-45 into all of ULI’s activities.

The initiative enhances the value of ULI’s global resources and membership networks and foster leadership opportunities in ULI, the real estate industry, and beyond.

NEXT provides a range of benefits to participants as they develop their leadership skills and build lasting relationships amongst peers, with ULI leadership, and throughout the ULI network.

The programme gives members:

  • Valuable networking opportunities, information, and connections to move careers forward.
  • A relevant voice in the organization and its program(s).
  • Leadership opportunities to meet individual goals.

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In Europe, ULI NEXT is currently active in the following countries:

Belgium (link coming soon)



Netherlands (link coming soon)

Spain (link coming soon)

Turkey (link coming soon)

United Kingdom

Galyna Permyakova

Chair of ULI NEXT group in Europe (1 July 2019 – 30 June 2021)

Galyna has been active within the ULI organisation since 2015 and, for the two years prior to being appointed as chair of ULI NEXT group in Europe, she served on the Executive Committee of the ULI Netherlands’ Young Leaders group where she promoted cross-border cooperation with other Young Leader groups throughout Europe and organising exchange programmes.

One of Galyna’s key priorities is to continue the expansion of ULI NEXT group activities in Europe. She says: “ULI NEXT already has an active membership base in Belgium, France, Germany, Turkey and the U.K. It is important that we continue to develop the programme to provide added value for our members aged 35–45, who are navigating the transition to leadership positions. This way, we hope to grow the demand for the ULI NEXT programme across Europe.”

“Enabling access to European leadership events and creating diverse programmes for cross-border collaboration and the exchange of innovative ideas is essential to furthering the ULI NEXT mission and values in Europe,” she says. “Taking the next step from young leader to being someone that everyone looks up to can be a challenging prospect and the ULI NEXT group in Europe aims to provide a collaborative environment that supports its members in their development and progression.” Read more.

What’s NEXT?


To learn more about the ULI NEXT group in Europe, please contact:

Manuela Impellizzeri
Director, Events & Education
T: +44 (0) 20 7487 9573
E: manuela.impellizzeri@uli.org


Galyna Permyakova (Chair)

Clarissa Alfrink
Avison Young

Christian Schouten 


ULI Belgium
Allan Tait

ULI France
Christel Zordan
Tamara Brisk

ULI Germany
Oliver Prinz

ULI Ireland
Ray Crowley
Donald MacDonald

ULI Netherlands
Erwin Muijtjens
Jan Schellhoff

ULI Spain
Ana Flores
Pablo Villarejo

ULI Turkey
Malak Hakan
Didem Erendil 

Rob Mello 
James Lai