European Product Councils

European Product Councils are forums for industry leaders to meet, exchange ideas, share best practices and foster thought leadership in their specific sector of the real estate market. Consisting of a genuinely international membership, the councils provide a unique platform to learn from peers in the same sector who are operating in different geographical markets, as well as help shape the future of pan-European real estate.

ULI Europe currently has eight Product Councils, each focusing on a specific sector of the real estate industry:

The councils meet twice per year to debate issues and discuss trends in a confidential and collaborative environment, as well as undertaking a range of other thought leadership initiatives throughout the rest of the year. Membership of each council is capped at a maximum of 50 people to ensure the quality of personal interaction between participants.

Joining a Product Council

To join a Product Council, you need to be a full member of ULI. If your membership is through a corporate package with your company, we are happy to check if you can be added to the company’s roster.

European Forums

Four new Forums were launched at the 2020 ULI Europe Conference. The forums focus on subject areas which we hope to develop into new European Product Councils to add to the eight councils already active in Europe:

  • The Creative Placemaking Forum will focus on best practices for creating vibrant places where people can live, work, and play, with a focus on creative ways to make places more lively and thriving for example through culture, arts, music and events. Register your interest.
  • The Life Sciences Forum will concentrate on the leadership of public and private sector organisations who develop and operate life science facilities to develop a broader knowledge base in Europe around the case for development of and investment in life science. Register your interest.
  • Living Concepts will focus on emerging and developing residential concepts and service models such as student housing, PRS, senior living and co-living. ULI Europe currently has a Residential Council focused around affordable housing and this forum will focus on the newly developing areas of residential development and investment. Register your interest.
  • The Urban Development & Infrastructure Forum will focus on development projects particularly around interchanges such as airports, train stations and ports and how the development of this infrastructure is linked with the urban development around it. This forum offers the opportunity to bring both private and public sector together and will allow members to consider issues surrounding PPP in more detail. Register your interest.

If you have any further questions, please contact ULI Europe’s Product Councils Senior Associate:

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To learn more about ULI’s European Product Councils, contact:

Emily DeSimone
Senior Associate, Product Councils
T: +44 (0) 20 7487 9583

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