ULI France: Study Tour of Bordeaux

On 6-7 April, ULI France members visited Bordeaux to learn more about the city’s exciting urban developments. Participants were welcomed by the Bordeaux- Euratlantique Public Development Agency (EPA), a group tasked with the revitalisation of Bordeaux. Attendees were impressed by EPA’s unparalleled plans to highlight the arrival of the LGV high speed line in July.  Members saw first-hand how enhanced infrastructure innovations such as this new high speed rail link can create real opportunities and play a vital role in renewing cities.

Over the two days, the group took part in several fascinating site visits:

The Thales building, which was constructed in just 18 months using a BIM (Building information modeling) mock-up, is a remarkable achievement and was recently awarded the TEKLA BIM award.

Darwin, which regularly makes the headlines, proved an interesting example of a disused site that has been regenerated and managed by a team of volunteers. Darwin is a great example of how public and private institutions face difficult dialogues over land use and urban initiatives. Perhaps ULI could be helpful in mediating a solution in the future.

The “Bassins à flots” and the “Cité du Vin”, which again are a testament to the dynamism of the city of Bordeaux. Our short visit most definitely gave us the appetite to learn more and hopefully come back soon.

The group also enjoyed a wonderful dinner, hosted by GA (Aurélien NGangue, Marie Huguet and Sébastien Matty).

ULI France’s next trip will take place in Lyon 5th and 6th October 2017, where Marc Balaÿ will organise a second study tour. The council is also planning further study tours to London and Basel.