ULI Turkey: Property Management Forum

Eighty real estate professionals attended the ULI Turkey Facility/Property Management Forum, which took place on 21 March at YEM (Building Information Center) Istanbul Facilities. The forum aimed to discuss the current challenges facing property management, and propose solutions.

Below are some key discussion points and conclusions from the event:

  • Facility management consultants enter the building delivery scene very late which brings serious difficulties; facility management determines customer satisfaction, which in turn determines the value of the property.
  • User-investor relations and the quality of property management, especially for large, multifunctional projects, must be regulated.
  • The first six months after the opening are critical. To have sustainable facilities/buildings, the management plan should be prepared beforehand. Management necessitates investment, but it also provides long-term benefits.
  • The scope, quality and efficiency of facility management determines the level of the monthly user utility expenses. In order to have reasonable payments, there should be effective management.
  • Ownership type is one of the main determinants. Multiple ownership brings serious problems regarding management.
  • Qualified personnel in management is crucial.
  • Green Building Certificates by nature support professional management professionals since these necessitate expertise. However, international systems must be adapted to local conditions.
  • The participants pointed to the need for a discussion group of facility/property management professionals. ULI Turkey proposed a Property Management Product Council under the leadership of the moderator of the event, Mr. Ilhami Akkum.