ULI Europe Conference 2017: Capital Markets – Profiting Through Uncertainty

March 16, 2017 | Length: 49:13

Almost 25% of global GDP is currently facing negative interest rates, while another 25% faces rates lower that 1%. What is the impact of this low return environment on real estate capital flows, especially considering the lack of core product? How will the growing uncertainty in European real estate markets caused by the spectre of a post-Brexit Britain, as well as upcoming elections in France and Germany, impact real estate markets? And what can we expect to happen if we return to a normalised interest rate and inflation environment? This session aims to explore the long term impacts of the major developments we are currently facing.

Moderator: Jon H. Zehner, LaSalle Investment Management

Nathalie Palladitcheff, Ivanhoé Cambridge
Massimo Saletti, JP Morgan
François Trausch, Allianz Real Estate
Sophie van Oosterom, CBRE Global Investors