ULI Europe Conference 2017: City Leadership – Steering Cities to Greatness

February 24, 2017 | Length: 47:14

For centuries, the success of countries has been determined by the strength of their leadership. Now cities are realising that effective leadership and a clear vision are required to make them successful and competitive in a globalised world. What are city leaders doing to become more competitive? How are they contending with changing demographics? How do they balance short-term political goals with the long-term focus required for sustainable urban development? How are they using technology, densification and placemaking to create vibrancy and liveability? European city leaders explain how they envisage the future of their cities and how they make their visions a reality.

Moderator: Carolien Gehrels, Arcadis

Jean-Louis Missika, City of Paris
Roger Mogert, City of Stockholm
James Murray, City of London