Climate Risk and Real Estate Investment Decision-Making

Futureproofing Real Estate from Climate Risks: New ULI Research in Partnership with Heitman


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How does climate change currently impact real estate investment decision-making? What are the emerging best practices for investment managers, institutional investors and others to identify and mitigate new and unprecedented risks?

Many assets held by real estate investors are in cities vulnerable to the effects of climate change – ranging from more intense and frequent weather events such as hurricanes, typhoons, and wildfires to more gradual changes such as sea-level rise or shifting weather patterns.

ULI is partnering with Heitman, a global real estate investment management firm, to assess the potential impacts of climate change on the long-term viability of real estate assets. Derived from a series of interviews with leading institutional investors, investment managers, investment consultants and others, the report to be released in Winter 2019 will provide members with an inside look at how real estate investors are factoring climate risk into their investment decision-making and management processes.

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