Recap: ULI Greece & Cyprus Informal Networking Event (7 June 2019)

ULI Greece & Cyprus hosted an informal networking event on 7 June 2019 at 42 Bar in Athens.

This was an excellent opportunity for around 30 ULI members and guests to network with fellow industry professionals, make some new connections and exchange experiences, views and knowledge. Mary Demenega (chair of the ULI Greece & Cyprus Young Leaders group; partner of National Bank of Greece and PhD candidate N.T.U.A.) said: “We were involved in a lively discussion on how new challenges in the real estate industry including the sharing economy, artificial intelligence, Cleantech, NPL investing and hospitality, are transforming our sector. Participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas.”

Attendees included real estate developers, operators, agents, managers, planners, architects, engineers, builders, lawyers, and members of the public sector. Guests had the opportunity to learn more about the Young Leaders group and other upcoming ULI events.