ULI Affordable Housing Game Report – Dublin, Session 1

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Housing affordability is a simple idea: it is a measure of whether households can afford to rent or buy a home on their income. Though the concept is straightforward, delivering housing that is affordable has proved challenging in Ireland. As in many other countries, it has become increasingly difficult in recent years for households to obtain accommodation in many parts of Ireland, most notably Dublin, Cork, and Galway. Responding to the affordability challenge facing households is a core objective of Ireland’s housing policy.

Dublin is one of many capital cities across the globe where households are being squeezed by rents and purchase prices that are out of reach for those with an intermediate income. On 22 June 2017, participants from the private and public sectors gathered in Dublin to play the first version of ULI Europe’s affordable housing game. The game, developed by Play the City in partnership with ULI Europe, ULI Ireland, and the Irish Housing Agency, was designed to bring together all types of stakeholders in the Dublin housing sector to to address local challenges in a neutral, unique environment.


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