The Density Dividend: Solutions for Growing and Shrinking Cities

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Global megatrends are re-shaping the world economic order. From mass urbanisation, to the rise of the global middle classes, ageing populations, technological trends and the shift of economic power from the West to the emerging world, all pose major implications for the built environment and the long run demand for real estate. While megatrends in emerging Africa and Asia tend to lend themselves to the more eye-watering headlines, their more subtle impact on developed world cities – and Europe in particular can sometimes get overlooked.

Understanding their impact is critical. Although the short term performance of real estate is determined by economic cycles, there may be potential risks to long term value as these trends play out. And ignoring long term structural trends in favour of short term gain could mean missed opportunities.

ULI and TH Real Estate are therefore delighted to bring you the latest report in ULI’s series on density, which looks at the current state of good density across European cities and how urban change and the different challenges involved in population growth and shrinkage impact this while at the same time looking at how density can play a role in adapting and building strategies for future cycles.


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