ULI UK to Launch ‘Academic Research Insights’ Series

On 22 September 2016, ULI UK will launch the Academic Research Insights series. The series will connect real estate professionals with current academic research and will feature a curated selection of practical and well-executed research papers prior to publication in academic journals.

“With this series, we hope to find fresh, interesting academic research and present it in a way that allows our members to understand the practical implications alongside the theory,” said ULI UK Executive Director Liz Waller.  “With the help of ULI UK Executive Committee members Paul Cheshire from LSE and Nick Mansley from Cambridge University, we will be on the lookout for relevant academic papers from which to extract our ‘pearls of research for practical people’.”

The first paper in the seriesProximity Matters – Economic Effects of Owner Distance and Local Property Management on Office Markets, gives an illuminating analysis on the relationship between investors’ distance to their assets and the ability to extract significantly higher rents, and the extent to which property managers can influence this relationship.

ULI UK invites academics and relevant institutions to submit their work for consideration for inclusion in the series. Please e-mail uk@uli.org for more information.